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Welcome to Concrete Coatings LLC.

With years of experience in the concrete flooring industry, we provide workmanship for the domestic and commercial markets. Looking to upgrade from the normal flooring options? Look no further! Whether you need a brand new floor or maintenance on your existing floor, our state of the art floor systems have enabled us to bring the best rates possible while giving you the most lustrous and beautiful floors ever. Make your floors look spectacular with polished concrete floors!

About Us

About Us

Creative Concrete Coatings LLC.

We take old or new concrete and add a lovely sheen to its surface. Through our constant examination and improvement, you can rest assured that you we will dependably utilize the most innovative progress and safe items on your floor. These cutting edge strategies permit your business to meet strict administrative models while additionally making you qualified for ecological assessment credits.

What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is the most cutting-edge and cost effective flooring solution today. We are experts in utilizing state of the art industrial diamonds, hardeners, and sealers to make your concrete aesthetically pleasing– improving safety, the environment, and cutting down on maintenance costs. That’s why we are the clear choice for your polished concrete floor finishes.


Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors.

  • Non-Slip

  • Low Maintenance

  • Increased Property Value

  • Eliminates Tire Marks

  • Elimination of Dusting

  • Beautiful & Aesthetic

  • Earth & Green Friendly System

  • Non-Toxic Chemical Application

Our Services

All Internal and External Concrete Flooring  // Polished Concrete  // Garage Floors  // Bedrooms  // Kitchens // Patios // Concrete Floor Cleaning & Maintenance  // Pool Decks & Pavers  // Driveways // Concrete Countertops  // Overlayments & Underlayments  // Stamped Concrete Terrazzo Restoration // Shot Blasting Re-Surfacing // Dyed Concrete // Decorative Concrete // Diamond Grinding // Marble Restoration // Flooring Removal Concrete Preparation // Decorative Concrete // Concrete Floor Maintenance  // Glitter & Epoxy Floor Coatings  // and much more...



With regards to the well-being and security of your family, there is no expense too great to ensure the  the absolute best. How fortunate then, that the best choice for your loved ones is additionally the most savvy in the concrete flooring market.



Did you know numerous retailers, home improvement centers, drug stores, and eateries are acquainted with polished concrete? So much that their facility managers have determined the standard at which the floor must be polished.



With regards to industrial offices, a domain where only a couple of clients will be seeing the floors, the point to focus on is a flooring application is cost-effectiveness and simplicity of upkeep.


Our Projects

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Creative Concrete Coatings LLC.

Bring your floors back to life! Write to us or give us a call now, we’re always happy to provide a free consultation and help out with any questions you may ask. Serving the greater Philadelphia area.


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